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Our training programme is now open for registration!

[NEW!] Sunday PM class (3pm - 5pm) newly introduced!


About TerraX Sports Academy

TerraX Sports Academy is dedicated to providing professional orienteering and physical training guidance to children and teenagers, allowing participants to thoroughly master sports skills through games and experiential learning.

We aim to provide a platform for children and teenager with potential and interest in orienteering to have the opportunity of systematic elementary orienteering and physical training. We integrate diversified games with professional training methods to let participants can enjoy the fun of sports while training!

TerraX Sports Club is one of the associate clubs of Orienteering Association of Hong Kong.

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Training programme is now open for registration!

Regular Training Programme

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Programme Details

Saturday AM class
Begins on 7 May 2022.
Every Saturday 10am - 12nn


Sunday PM class
Begins on 15 May 2022.
Every Sunday 3pm - 5pm
(If there is a race organized by TerraX on Sunday afternoon, the class will be held on the Saturday before the race from 3pm - 5pm)


6 - 16 year-old youth athlete

The training will be divided into three groups:
Group A - Children Group - 6-7 years old
Group B - Junior Group - 8-11 years old (Feeder Training Program of Orienteering Association of Hong Kong)
Group C - Youth Group - 12-16 years old


30 athletes for each group

Programme Fee

Detailed Pricing

Training Details

Saturday AM class:
May 2022 (7/5, 14/5, 21/5, 28/5):Lai Chi Kok Park
Jun 2022 (4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 25/6):Kowloon Tsai Park
Jul 2022 (2/7, 9/7, 16/7, 23/7, 30/7):Po Kong Village Road Park
Aug 2022 (6/8, 13/8, 20/8, 27/8):Morse Park
Sep 2022 (3/9, 10/9, 17/9, 24/9):Kowloon Park

Sunday PM class:
May 2022 (15/5, 22/5, 29/5):Lai Chi Kok Park
Jun 2022 (5/6, 12/6, 19/6, 26/6):Kowloon Tsai Park
Jul 2022 (3/7, 10/7, 17/7, 24/7, 30/7* (Sat PM)):Po Kong Village Road Park
Aug 2022 (7/8, 14/8, 21/8, 28/8):Morse Park
Sep 2022 (4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9):Kowloon Park

Training venues for the other months are yet to be confirmed. Generally our trainings will be held in parks in Kowloon.

Race Schedule (May 2022 - Aug 2022):
11/6/2022 - TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2022 Round 1
18/6/2022 - TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2022 Round 2
31/7/2022 - TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2022 Round 3
6/8/2022 - TerraX Sprint Orienteering Tournament 2022 Round 4

Programme Features

1. The training venue will be switched every month to keep our training content fresh.
2. Diversified thinking games are included in the training, adhering to the feature of orienteering as a "Thinking Sport", encouraging participants to think more at all times.
3. Train up the participants to master the skills through professional training methods. Meanwhile with different forms of physical and technical training, young athletes can enhance their concentration, agility, judgment and physical fitness, so as to improve their learning quality and ability, while enjoying the sports and have fun!

*Participants with outstanding performance will be recommended to become members of the training squad of the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong and may have a chance to become a Hong Kong Team representative!*


Participants with a 80% attendance rate in each phase will receive a certificate.

* This training programme is part of the feeder training program of Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (for children aged 8-11)

Welcome to join us anytime or contact us to arrange a trial session!

Quarterly Plan

  • ✓ Inclusive of all trainings for the quarter (3 months)

  • ✓ Free to join all TerraX races for a quarter

  • ✓ Exclusive Product Discount

  • ✓ Priority Registration

Half Yearly Plan

  • ✓ Inclusive of all trainings for half year

  • ✓ Free to join all TerraX races for half year

  • ✓ Exclusive Product Discount

  • ✓ Priority Registration

Yearly Plan

  • ✓ Inclusive of all trainings for a year

  • ✓ Free to join all TerraX races for a year

  • ✓ Exclusive Product Discount

  • ✓ Priority Registration

  • 😍 The first 3 participants join our  yearly plan will be entitled for a Str8 Evo compass for free! (Retail Price HK$599)😍


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[Training programme is now open for registration!]

Participants can register through the online registration system.

After a successful online payment, you will receive a confirmation email. That means your entry is successful.

No refund shall be made after successful registration. Registration fee paid for duplicated entries will not be refunded. If the training has been cancelled due to inclement weather or Force majeure*, the training will be re-scheduled. If the training is cancelled again on re-scheduled date, the training will not be rescheduled again, and the entry fee will not be refunded.

*Force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the Organizerand which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, government policies, rejection of venue permits, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, outbreak of disease, acts or threats of terrorism.


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1. Public Liability Insurance is covered by the organizer. Participants/Parents are advised to purchase their necessary insurance.

2. After successful registration, we will inform the participants of the detailed training arrangement and arrange to join the WhatsApp group of the training course for communication purposes.

3. The validity period of the program purchased by the participant is calculated from the first training after purchase.

4. If participant is unable to attend the class chosen, he or she may choose to attend another class for make-up in the same week.

5. After registration, we will not accept any refund request for any reason. If the participant takes leave or withdraws for any reason, the paid fees will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to others.

6. If participants has participated in another TerraX event, the relevant entry fees will be refunded.

7. If the red and black rainstorm warning signals and the tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 or above are still in force two hours before the training session, the training on that day will be cancelled and the fee paid will be postponed for one week.

8. TerraX Sports Club reserves the final right to make any amendments to the training course, including but not limited to the revision of training location, date or time, subject to the announcement on this website.

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